aBlog Joomla Component

What is it?
The first Release of a Non-Commercial Joomla Blog.
For Joomla 2.5 currently.

Please make assure the aBlog ist assigned correctly to your menu and clear the cache after installation.


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2013-07-30 16:17:50

Hi! Can be aBlog integrated with component JComments? This is a good component comments ...


2013-09-14 09:28:15

Hi, I think JComments could be intergrated,used it a couple of years with Joomla 1.5 by myself and used to love this component. :) christoph wardzinski

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2013-09-01 18:18:14

Is the comment interface available to visitors to the web site or do comments have to be added from the back end?


Christoph Wardzinski

2013-09-08 17:31:01

Hi, yeah, that´s true, comments have to be edited from the backend. christoph

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2013-09-26 10:26:39



christoph wardzinski

2013-09-28 17:49:46

Thanks ;)

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2013-10-15 20:02:08

does the comment system provide a security option? (captcha)


2013-10-21 10:03:01

Hi jomaco1, it will have it in the next version ;)

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2013-10-19 18:11:07

How do I extend the Title width or number of characters?


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2013-10-28 19:48:56

I have installed the component. Everything works fine until I try to post. when I write a post and press publish, nothing happens. What is the problem?


christoph wardzinski

2013-10-29 16:02:35

Hi, please tell me exactly which Joomla Version do you have :)

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2013-11-01 09:31:09

I have Joomla 2.5.9


christoph wardzinski

2013-11-01 20:00:32

Hi kobi, is the aBlog Component into your menu at the backend green? Do you have an webadress where I can see aBlog in action at the frontend?

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