Cpanel View:

You find a short introduction and the allvideo status tab on the right side. That tab is green when allvideo plugin is installed and activated and red when not.

Option View:

With the option button on the right above you call the options view for setup backend and frontend of ablog.
These are setups for frontend menu like frontend size and colors, image width and height.

At the backend configuration tab you can adjust if the categories or posts etc.
should be displayed ascent or descent at the backend view.
The ablog frontend configuration tab is all about the frontend configuration like amount of displayed posts at the frontend etc.

Other Views:
At the other views you can create and manage the section subjects.
You get all required instructions from  ablog messages when your on the job.

Posts at the Frontend:

You can add and edit Posts from the Frontend if you have joomla rights of a manager.

Please contact me through the contact form for further instructions if necessary.

Thank you and have fun with a‘Blog.